Wednesday, July 7, 2010

El Camino Real, Take me home

Okay, so maybe it's about time that I try this blogging thing in earnest. Here goes nothing.

I'm at a point in my life where things need to change - 25 going on 45.

I mean, it's nice to have nice things; my husband and I own a house, two hot rods and two toyotas, and toys like snowboards and cameras. We are by no means well-off, but I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge that we are lucky, especially with in the current economy.

But we have suddenly reached the conclusion that we are empty and unfullfilled. We did what was recommended for success; We got decent jobs and bought a house, got life insurance and a savings account. Hardly anyone warns that with responsibility comes the "golden handcuffs" - now we feel that we are living to work and not merely working to live. I am at a crossroads in my job where it is time for me to buckle down and jump in or else run screaming from cubicle-land. I'm opting for the latter.

I could go on for days whining, but I won't. I know this blog will lack focus for a while, but I guess that is my right. And I know it will be self-absorbed at times, also my right.

I had a hard time coming up with a title, and my husband still isn't sold on Highway 101. It's the title of a Social Distortion song, "our" song.

"Take a drive, baby, up the coast, Highway 101" It's a love song but it kinda fits.

There is another song though, that incorporates Highway 101 and is perhaps more appropriate for this post - El Camino Real by Lee Dresser. It's a pretty rare song from the early sixties. We first heard it this year at VLV13.

"El Camino Real, take me home, back to Monterey, cause I didn't have much luck down in LA"

I may not be from Monterey (East Bay Baby!), but this is about me going home. This is about me eschewing common sense and popular opinion and getting the hell out of Dodge. Not quite sure how, but we are considering everything. Renting out our house and packing up the pups for a life of beach-coming and swap-meet rat-ness? Sounds good to us. We are just looking to find ourselves in the process.


Kim Bombshell said...

Love Lee Dresser...hard to find his stuff! I have "Thinking 'Bout your Love" on one of the "Hey DJ! Play some R'n'R Jivers" CDs. Volume 3, I think?

Kim Bombshell said...

Oh yeah...get a busy social life, or have a baby...that will keep you very occupied and make you spend your money, lol...

Nicole said...

Those are the two options I'm waffling back and forth on daily, lol.