Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Ec

Long-winded story without much of a point, but oh well, you've been warned.

I really love cooking, baking, photography, crafting, all that goodness. My mom is exceptionally crafty and we did a lot of projects when I was younger. When I was really little, I wanted to be an artist. When I was older (high school on), I wanted to be a photographer. I almost went to college for it but then I wimped out. It's the opposite of that suburban stereotype, where the parents are telling the rebellious teen to be smart and study accounting because art school will get you nowhere... My parents totally supported me but my insecurities held me back. My parents, husband, and friends still hound me about trying photography as a side business, but I feel like I need to be in a different mind set before I can do that. Hence my effort to bring my creative side back out...

Rob is an extremely supportive husband who encourages me endlessly. He's bought me a sewing machine and a nice Nikon DSLR as Christmas presents and has never raised an eyebrow when I came home with stockpiles of crafting supplies that I never had the energy or drive to use. Recently I saw that L.A. from Freckled Nest was part of a new online sewing class. Rob totally encouraged me to sign up so I did.

I know how to sew and have made a few things around our house, but I do it so infrequently that I'm not very quick or precise. I used to joke that there was no way I could suck sewing because it's in my blood. So here's hoping that the family seamstress gene kicks in.

*My great-grandmother was a seamstress back in Italy (so were her sisters, mother, and grandmother). She moved to America in the early 1930s and when WWII hit she volunteered to sew soldiers' uniforms as part of the war effort. Eventually she had her own custom wedding dress shop in Jersey City that she ran from the '50s until the '70s when my great-grandfather fell ill. She also made all the wedding dresses in the family until she died in 1996 (side note: one of my mother's favorite memories of her was the time that she and my great-grandmother designed her wedding dress. The took the train into New York and visited the garment district where they hand picked each and every piece of material, each and every embellishment).*

My great-grandmother taught my grandmother to sew who then taught my mother. But my mom never had as much time as she wanted to sew so she's at basic skill level (albeit ahead of me). And I'm pretty much self-taught. We always talked about taking a class together, but we haven't had the time yet. Hopefully I can teach her some of the new skills I pick up in L.A.'s class.

And hopefully it inspires me to get back in the crafting groove.

Oh, and the only relevance to the picture is that is my sister in a costume that my mom made (originally for me). And that's my dad. Don't judge him, it was 1991. :)

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