Friday, August 13, 2010

4 Simple Goals

Inspired by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, I've decided to set 4 simple goals for myself.

1. Craft more. I have a nice craft spot, tons of awesome supplies, inspiration... the only thing I'm lacking is the will power to do anything but veg after work.

2. Put more effort into how I dress on workdays. I get dolled up on the weekends, but I hate office attire and mornings, so days that I go into work I'm much more lazy than I'd like to admit. I also need to stop letting my body image issues get in the way of feeling cute.

3. Walk the dogs at least 4 times a week (Until it starts snowing). They will appreciate it.

4. Teach my husband how to cook. He made me eggs at 1 am on Wednesday (after Social D!), and as much as I know it's not his thing and he will never be the primary cook, it was really nice to have someone else make my food. I had to walk him through it this time, but if I give him a few easy staples to work with, it could make both our lives easier!

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Lady Betty said...

These goals are great and inspiring! Two of my goals is to craft more too and work out more. I often use my job as an excuse to me lazy and that's got to stop.

I would love to teach my husband to cook as well! He can grill and order take out but that is about it! If he could make me red velvet cupcakes (even from the box), I would just die! Swoon!