Friday, August 6, 2010

Wedding Music

My second wedding anniversary is this Sunday (I got married on 08/08/08) and I wanted to share some of the music we played.

There was a lot of drama that day that overshadowed the event for me, but one aspect that I was and happy about was our music. And we got a lot of compliments about the music, so my guests enjoyed it as well.

Rob walked down the aisle to "Rocket 88," by Ike Turner. It was fitting since we had just bought our first hot rod a few months earlier, a 1953 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

I can't remember what I walked down the aisle to (seriously, it was a stressful day) but our recessional was "Amazing Grace." That may sound weird until you hear the version we used - Dropkick Murphys. Right as Rob and I left the ceremony area, the song hit it's party mode - just in time for everyone to walk out and get the party started! It was a big surprise for everyone.

Our first dance as husband and wife was Social Distortion's "Highway 101." Social D is both of our favorite band and the whole album Sex, Love, and Rock and Roll reminds us of each other. It was hard to pick one song to sum it all up, but this is certainly it.

And we had a special dance for all the married couples because 2008 and was a big year for that... My grandparents celebrated their 50th, Rob's parents' 30th, my parents' 20th, and two of my uncles hit 25 and 10 years in 2008. We chose the song "True Love" by Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, which was my grandparents' wedding song back in 1958.

We played a lot more memorable songs - my father and I danced to the Billy Joel song "Lullabye," my Maid of Honor made a Journey reference in her toast ("Don't stop believing," which led the DJ to announce after she sat down, "You know, she's just a small town girl."), and against our better judgement allowed requests so everyone could hear something they wanted. I wanted to end the night with Tiger Army's "Cupid's Arrow," but honestly I can't remember that either (It's written down somewhere). At that point I had spent all evening drinking wine and avoiding guests.

But that's what I'm going to leave off with here, because that certainly describes what happened when I met Rob.


CAPow! said...

happy anniversary! Highway 101 is one of my favorite social D songs as well, you've got great taste girl!

Nicole said...

Thanks! I'm going to see Social D tonight in Boulder, CO and have my fingers crossed that they will play it!