Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrill Rides at Lakeside

I'm behind. Way behind, actually. Life is so damn time-consuming. But I have a bunch of pictures that I finally went through and edited, so I feel like I should put them on display, despite my proclivity toward anachronism.

These are some photos I took at the Road Devil's car show, Thrill Rides at Lakeside, a few weeks back.

Lakeside is a historic amusement park (102 years old) very near my house outside of Denver. I took many pictures, which was actually quite the feat since they were trying to kick out anyone with what they deemed a professional camera. So basically, if your shit was big and black, they were asking you to leave (which on a side note, is not legal. I have been to places where photography was prohibited and to places where I had to sign a waiver relinquishing my rights to commercial use of the pictures but since neither policy was in place here, they really couldn't stop me. Hahahaahhahhhaaha).

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O. said...

Snow cones!!!! i love anything artificially flavored blue :)