Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for a detox

I'm way overwhelmed these days. Actually, I believe the clinical term is burnt out. Rob and I really taking a long hard look at where our life is right now, and where we want it to be. So I've been a bad blogger. Especially bad considering how new to the game I am. Oh well, I can only try to do better in the future.

On a random note, Rob and I have started trying to do a nutritional detox once a month, partially to help with our overwhelmed-ness. We feel over-stimulated by chemicals, our jobs, the media, everything. Cutting out certain foods and focusing on clean livin' a few days a month really helps us to feel in control of our bodies.

We try to stay healthy. We only buy meat every 4-6 weeks, and only grass-fed/free range. We eat conventional meat when we are out or with family to avoid alienating anyone, but we really try to to keep about 70% of our diet vegetarian, especially at home. We both enjoy a nice steak, but don't feel meat needs to be present at every meal (protein, yes). When we do our mini detox, we not only avoid meat, but also sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol, and try to eat liver-healthy foods. We plan this well ahead of time so we are sure to still get all of our nutrients, and we usually do this between 3 days and a week at time.

Maybe it's only the placebo effect, but I really do feel much better by the end of it. Of course it is really hard for us to avoid coffee, beer, and chocolate, but for some reason, we still look forward to it!

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