Thursday, October 7, 2010

Room Redo and other randomness

I've been really busy being stressed out so I haven't accomplished anything this week. Well, unless you count eating out a lot and falling asleep in front the TV every night an accomplishment.

This past weekend Rob and I cleaned our carpets and re-arranged our furniture. Here are some pictures of our progress. We are far from being done, but are too exhausted to care.

Sunday was my sister's birthday. She is officially no longer a teenager.

Oh and this is Rob enjoying some of her Boston Cream Pie. I'm a lucky girl.

... So,Rob and I have some decisions to make of both the critical and non-critical variety. How do you know which is the lesser of two evils?


monstersandgods said...

I came upon a picture of your sleeve on another site and noticed that you have the almost exact girl version of my sleeve.

Nicole said...

That's cool, I'll have to go check out your blog.