Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few phone pictures from my trip

Disneyland was just starting to get decorated for Christmas, so it was a nice jump into the holidays. It was a great trip. My family (mostly) all got along and it was great to spend extended time with my siblings since I don't see them that much these days. I took over 800 pictures in 5 days, so I have a bit of work ahead of me to get them sorted and edited.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gin and Sin and other things

Yay for a long post with no pictures... wtf Blogger?

We didn't make it to Boolesque or even to a haunted house, but we did go out with some friends all dressed up on Saturday night.

Our neighbor from down the street, Dale, invited us to go out with his sister and another neighbor. Dale is into rockabilly, hot rods, and the occult (and is a tiki carving maniac) so Rob and I always have a great time hanging out with him, and Saturday was no exception.

Rob dressed up like a misfits-esque skeleton with a leather jacket, and I wore a big, elaborate slip as a dress and did dead/bloody make-up (I'm a little annoyed that we didn't take any pictures because for all our love for Halloween, this was the first time we dressed up in years). Dale was a zombie, and Sandy and Julie were witches.

We started the night at a supposedly haunted bar called the Gin and Sin Speakeasy. It's very near 5 Points, which if you are from Denver you are aware that is not best part of town, and the building has been there since the late 1800s, so you can imagine the that there is quite a bit of history to the place. The story goes that it originally opened as a boarding house because of its proximity to the railroad. Eventually that transformed into a brothel and speakeasy during the 1920s, and has continued to operate as several different bars since then.

When we arrived there was a band playing and maybe 10 people at the bar total. We ordered some drinks listened to some music, and decided it was time to go upstairs to tour the brothel rooms.

For an extra fee, the bartender gave a mini tour of the upstairs. It was definitely creepy, no doubt about that. There was a room with blood spatter on the wall, a room where a serial killer was rumoured to have lived, and just an overall sense of unease. We were interrupted when another employee came upstairs and ended our tour suddenly, but I definitely want to go back, especially now that I know there have been real paranormal investigations held here. If you are interested in reading more about The Speakeasy and its haunted past, here is a great article.

From there we headed over to The Ship's Tavern, which is located in the historic (and again, supposedly haunted) Brown Palace. I love the Brown Palace. Rob and I spent our first weekend as a married couple here. The hotel opened in the late 1800s and has always catered to high-class society. I love the history of the hotel and always have a great time there, despite not being the intended clientele. And this time was even better, as were the only ones in the entire bar in costume! Nothing like a random scatteting of zombies among rich old people!

While we were there, we met a couple from Virginia who were on vacation. They were staying the night at the (haunted) Brown Palace and then moving on to the (haunted) Stanley Hotel for Halloween night. Around 1 am we all ventured over to Colfax where Dale, Sandy, and Julie ate at Pete's Kitchen, while Rob, our new Virginian friends, and I went to the Satire Lounge. Actually, Dale and company were supposed to be waiting in the looong line while we just grabbed a quick drink, but time must have gotten away from us because by the time we left the bar, they were all done eating and an even longer line had formed out the door.

We had a great time talking about ghosts, Virginia, Colorado, politics. Around 2 am, we took our new friends back to the Brown Palace and Rob and I headed home for a nice, long shower and some early morning scrambled eggs (I was bummed about missing out on Pete's).

The older we get (yep, 25 feels ancient with corporate jobs and a mortgage), the more rare nights like this have become, so we really appreciate when we do get out on the town. Of course that makes for a rather subdued Sunday (carving pumpkins and a quick meal with some other neighbors), but that is alright with us. We didn't get very many trick-or-treaters, which is a bummer, but at least now we have tons of candy left over!

Oh, I also have to add a quick note about the weather. It was nice all weekend long. I managed with only a light jacket on Saturday night. This time last year, we had already had a snow day. It's November and Denver has yet to see a real snowfall... I think this is the first time that has happened since I have lived here. So I have to say thanks to global warming, for allowing me to feel a real Autumn for the first time in forever!

I have a few other posts in mind relating to the fall, but who knows if I will really get around to it now that Halloween is past... although I guess pretty to the mountains and ghost stories have a place even beyond October...