Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 random things, part 2

11. I have been known to purchase and display personal photographs from antique malls and thrift stores. Creepy to some, but I would like to think of it as a way of honoring moments that may otherwise be forgotten. Likewise, I have an affinity for graveyards (learning about them and visiting them). I find most cemeteries to be peaceful, although I have had some odd experiences before. It's not a morbid fascination by any means, I just like to reflect on times and people who have come before. Plus I grew up Catholic so ghost were a pretty de rigueur fixture in my young life.

12. Rob and I try to eat at least 50% vegetarian (I think the kids these days call that flexitarian). That means between the two of us in the house, there is at least one vegetarian. I could never be a full-blown vegetarian - not so long as I live in a world with grass-fed beef and cured Italian meats. And Anthony Bourdain's scorn.

13. I know that my last name is a little, um, hilarious (see: Organ). I took Rob's last name when I got married because he asked me to, and I mostly don't mind. But I do mourn for all the names we will never be able to bestow upon our children...Sharon, Ophelia, Jr., Rosy, Pearl... (Go ahead, say those names out loud...)

14. Most people refuse to accept that my last name is Organ. I am always being asked to repeat myself. I think they are in disbelief ... like, maybe they just misheard me, and it's really Morgan. Or else they think it is Oregon, like the state. So now I always say, "Organ, like the donor." Yeah, I get a lot of strange looks.15. I know I could say "like the instrument." I choose not to.

16. Like most other white Americans, I am a mix of multiple European nationalities. However, despite the red hair and Irish last name, I am most notably Italian. And from a relatively recently immigrant family - My mother's maternal great-grandparents came to the US less than 100 years ago, making me a third generation American - a bit rare for a white kid. My father's grandparents were also immigrants.

17.. I'm an Aries... so that means my husband married an redheaded Italian-American Aries. On rare occasion, I have been known to be handful.

18. I am always cold. Always. Especially my hands and feet. I always think of my Granny who said "cold hand, warm heart."

19. My Granny had a red paper heart taped to her kitchen wall with the words "Ja Elske Die," which means "I Love You" in Danish. I want that as a tattoo some day. She always had olives (green and black) for us when we visited. She's been gone for a long time, and I miss her.

20. I miss my other grandmother too, but she is in California. Totally preferable to the alternative. She is very sad these days and it breaks my heart.

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