Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 random things, part 3

21. I drank way too much with Kyle and Rob and Saturday night.

22. I really wish I had more money to spend on Disney Vinylmation toys. Sad, I know. And generally speaking, I would probably rather collect vintage items, but there is something to be said for contemporary collections as well.

23. Rob and I both wish we could buy this painting for our living room, even though neither of us are from (or have been to) Hawaii.

24. I hate the snow. Except for the two weeks leading up to Christmas (or when it is close enough to drive to, but not so close that it interferes with my life). Which is why Denver weather sucks -snowstorm in October, why not? Blizzard in April, fantastic! An inch on Christmas, heavens, no! Once there was a massive blizzard a few days before Christmas, which was kind of nice. But then of course I was too busy complaining about the cold and the piles of snow that made parking nightmarish to take it all in. So now that the forecast is predicting 1-4 inches overnight, I can honestly say I will try my best to enjoy it.

25. I really love baking and cooking. Since I haven't been feeling well, I haven't been cooking as much I would prefer, and that makes me sad.

26. I am obsessed with smells... I am really paranoid about things smelling bad. For example, my dog. And as much as I love eating them, the smell of cooking onions. So I arm my self compulsively with candles and sents and fabreeze. And I really hate the way frozen food smells (Amy's organics are okay). Even if it tastes okay, I cannot smell the container after the fact. If I think something smells bad, I am not a rest until I have a chance to rectify the situation.

27. I really like reading. Everything - blogs, magazines, historical novels, non-fiction, how-tos, etc. The only genres I'm not crazy about are science-fiction/fantasy (Harry Potter excluded) and chick-lit. I really love John Steinbeck, Anthony Bourdain, Lisa See, Amy Tan, Mary Roach, Christopher Moore... I could go on for a while so I will stop there.

28. I hate seafood.

29. I have two siblings, a 20 year old sister and 16 year old brother.

30. I ahve a real problem with anxiety. As in there is way too much of it in my life.

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