Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Famous Guys I find attractive

First of all, I would like to say that I am sick. Again. I am so sick of being sick. Plus my blood pressure is high, which is new. I am pretty darn health-conscious so this is actually quite upsetting. Oh well, once I am back to 100% I am starting yoga. Fo' sho'.

Anyhoo, here are 5 guys I find attractive. (all photos found via Google)

1. James Dean. Love him! And I am lucky that my husband has the same James Dean-y vibe. One of his proudest moments was when our little 3-year old friend, Mila, pointed to the picture of James Dean hanging in our bathroom (photo from Giant - bathroom is cowboy themed), and said "That's Wob!"
2. Mike Ness.

3. Johnny Depp

4. Christian Bale

5.Errol Flynn

And I have to add that of course, I don't think any of these men hold a candle to my husband, who in all honestly is the best looking man I have ever laid eyes on.


I've Been To Graceland said...

Errol Flynn?? I seriously did not know that... interesting!

Nicole said...

Yeah, I love me some Robin Hood. :)