Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 12: Bullet Your Day

This should have been yesterday, but I will do it for today (mostly because today was a more boring and easy to describe day).

*Woke up and asked Rob to get me my cinnamon crunch cereal (it is organic and whole grain, so totally okay for an adult to eat).
*Watched tv, played Angry Birds, and lounged in bed for a few hours (I wasn't feeling so awesome).
*Managed to make it to the couch while Rob did a Starbucks and Einstein's run.
*Ate a bagel.
*Played Angry Birds.
*Cleaned up my back room (our craft room/dog room/rec room) while watching trashy TV (ID).
*Cleaned up my kitchen.
*Played Angry Birds.
*Ate another bagel.
*Cleaned up my front living room.
*Read a little bit.
*Played Angry Birds while Rob bathed the dogs.
*Spent an hour debating what to make for dinner, played Angry Birds.
*Made Pancakes.
*Got on the Internets.

Note the lack of "showered," and "applied makeup." Today was just one of those days. Yesterday I was up and clean and gussied up and I ran all over town. Today, I relaxed.

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