Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 16: Views on Mainstream Music

I'm not really much of a pop culture follower in general... not fashion, not trends, not music. There certainly are bands that are mainstream that I like, and I'm not really into the underground elitism either, it's more of a matter of I like what I like and I don't pay attention to whether or not others do, too. Most of the concerts I go to are small and cheap and in dirty old theaters. I like punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, oldies (maybe even some classic rock on a good day) with a little indie music sprinkled here and there. Oh, and a touch of hip hop, although mostly in the vein of atmosphere and his ilk. I really love West Coast music too - surf, rockabilly, Sublime, etc. Anything that feels appropriate for the beach!

Sometimes the bands I like are on MTV, but more often than not, they aren't. Don't like Lady Gaga, don't care for most rap, don't even like classic pop icons like Madonna or Michael Jackson. Just not my bag. I never listen to the radio which means I have to resort to the Internet and word of mouth to find out about new bands.

I would list some of my favorites but then that would violate my no favorites rule (see previous post), and I would feel compelled to list everyone and everything I love. Instead I just list the last 5 cds I bought.

1. Social Distortion -Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (came out yesterday!!!!!)
2. Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed (Awesome!)
3. The Best of Dick Dale & The Del Tones
4. Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas album
5. Munly and the Lepercalians - Petr and the Wulf (a side project from the ever creepy Munly from Slim Cessna). I love Slim Cessna and so I feel compelled to support all side projects. The is an interesting cd to check out... it is their version of Peter and the Wolf.

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