Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 21: favorite show

While I try not to watch much tv, I won't pretend that I don't. My favorite tv shows currently are: No Reservations, The Tudors, Modern Family, House Hunters (and HH International), Vanguard, and Infomania. I also like true crime shows (awful, I know, but it's my guilty pleasure) and decorating/travel/food shows. Rob and I love HBO/Showtime/AMC dramas, but we wait for them to be out on dvd and then watch from Netflix. Some favorites include True Blood (me, not Rob), Deadwood, Rescue Me, Mad Men, Weeds, Carnivale, and my all time favorite television show EVER: 6 Feet Under. Once we get through The Tudors, we are thinking about starting Dexter. And once the first season is on DVD, we are beyond excited to watch Boardwalk Empire.

Oh, and I saw a hilarious show about hipsters last night called Portlandia (IFC). Freaking hilarious, I highly recommend it.

So yeah, obviously I watch way too much TV. Of course, my excuse is that I actually concentrate on things better when the TV is on. :)

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