Thursday, January 20, 2011

Highes and Lows

Today's post is for highs and lows from this year... not that hard considering that we are only 20 days in!

A big low was not winning the Mega Millions lottery. I was heartbroken. In all seriousnes, 2010 sucked really hard for me, my husband, our families and many of our friends. But I am trying to focus on the positives for 2011. Luckily nothing major has happened yet (knock on wood). As far as highs, I guess I would say that the long-anticipated new Social Distortion album is a pretty fantastic high point for 2011 thus far. I also bought a new comforter which was a long time coming. So, yeah, pretty boring month so far!*

*Actually something very very cool did happen this month, but I can't say what that was quite yet.

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I've Been To Graceland said...

It's not serious enough that you didn't win the lottery?!? I kid... I'm pissed you didn't win it either. But I'm with you, I obviously didn't win millions of dollars or I'd be on the hunt for that Sandlot neighborhood as we speak.

Also, I can't wait to hear what the very very cool happening at the Organ household was... ;)