Thursday, February 17, 2011

Highs and Lows. More Highs. Higher highs, even.

So the last prompt I needed to write about my highs and lows for the month. February is only half over, but I do my share of highs and lows. I will start with the lows so I can end on a happy note.


1. It is only February (meaning Spring is no where close)
2. My insurance company is making my life difficult with their idea of "medically necessary" differing from my own ideas.
3. My laptop ran out of space thanks to my proclivity towards taking large quantities of really large file pictures, right when I really needed to upload another 450 pictures before a class.

So all in all, not a bad month so far.

And now moving on, my highs:

1. This past week has brought really nice weather, which has done tons for my mood.
2. I had a very nice Valentine's day (and at some point, although I no longer remember the exact day, marked 5 years that Rob and I have been together).
3. Last night we had a fun time re-connecting a couple that we have known for a long time but had sort of lost touch with (I met them 5 years ago, when Rob and I started dating. Rob has known Brenna his entire life and her boyfriend since they started dating, 8 years ago).
4. I had the chance to talk to Kyle for a few hours on Sunday. That and the nice weather made me think about the good old days, when we worked together at Sun and took frequent breaks to walk around the campus.
5. Rob and I heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday.

So okay, actually an awesome month. Now that I am almost officially out of the first trimester, Rob and I feel okay to start spreading the news: We are going to have a baby in a short 6 months!

We've known since before Christmas and have already had two ultrasounds, so even though I am not quite 13 weeks, we feel like it has already been forever. We keep thinking that at some point time is going to start moving ultra fast, but that hasn't happened yet.

I've been lucky, with minimal symptoms beyond some moodiness and fatigue. I haven't enjoyed food as much as I usually do, but I haven't had the nausea that a lot of women suffer through. Which for someone who has the levels of anxiety that I do, has actually been difficult at times. I ask Rob nearly everyday, "I don't feel pregnant, do you think everything is okay with the baby?" And he responds, "Don't worry, you are acting pregnant."

Yesterday served as more confirmation: My little baby has a healthy heartbeat and is doing just fine. My due date is August 29th, which is a few weeks after Rob and I celebrate 3 years of marriage. We are more excited and happy and in love than we ever really thought possible. Our families are both over the moon and this baby is coming at a time when a happy distraction is appreciated on both sides. We decided to tell our parents and siblings on Christmas, so we wrapped up a pair of infant socks and gave it to each set (separately) as just another gift. I can't even begin to describe the look on each of their faces as the reality of what they were looking at set in. Not only is it our first child, but this baby is the first of a new generation for both of our families. I am the oldest of 9 cousins, and Rob is the first out of his sister and cousins to be married and have a baby on the way, so this baby is highly anticipated.

So thanks for letting me share that. I don't plan on my pregnancy to be my whole life, but I do feel much more at ease now that I can share detail of my life with everyone at will.


Monica said...

Hehe, I suspected as much! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Also, look into an External Harddrive, a Terabyte goes for about $100, 500 Gigs for about $50 at bestbuy or any computer store, it will really help with your file managment.

Again wow!

Nicole said...

Thanks, we are very excited. And I have a external hard drive on the way. Too bad I realized that too late. :)

Roxie-Girl said...

Congratulations!!! What a fun time in your life, to be having a baby!! I'm so happy for the two of you.

I found your blog today while searching for pinup style blogs. Glad I found ya and I'm now your newest follower. Yay!!


Nicole said...

Hi Roxie-Girl! Thanks! Nice to "meet" you. I took a look at your blog, looks very interesting. I have a friend who is in nursing school so that she can be a diabetes educator. Her 14 year old son has type 1 diabetes, so she is very passionate about the cause.