Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My Valentine's was less than romantic - I worked my normal 10 hour day and then went to a 3 hour class. That, plus some other things I have going on, means that I had approximately one hour of wakefullness by the time I got home. I had (in typical fashion) already given Rob his present (a bottle of Irish Whiskey) and wasn't expecting much, maybe some flowers.

Not that Rob doesn't give awesome gifts, because he does. Nearly all of my high-quality, expensive, or super girly possestions are a gift from Rob (Chanel #5, Trophy Queen, MAC, not to mention my Nikon D5000). But this year we knew that it was going to be low-key and low-expectations.

My sister and I carpool from school on Mondays and she came in for a few minutes after we got to my house. Rob watched intently as I walked into the kitchen and back into the living room (twice). I didn't see anything. No gift bags, no flowers, no card. I was slightly surprised, but no big deal. Finally my sister left and the first words out of Rob's mouth were "Did you see your present?"

Confused, I walked back into the kitchen, and this is what I saw: Mortimer the beta fish(I think he looks like a Morty. Don't know why).

Rob said that he almost bought parakeets, but decided that a fish might be more appropriate, given some upcoming changes. Plus, Czara always has a hungry look in her eyes when she sees birds... I guess that would be the bird-dog in her.

Rob had also planned to cook a nice dinner, but lost track of time so we ended up having sandwiches and cooked our Valentine's meal on Tuesday instead.

I love my little fishie. I think it was a very cute and unique V-Day gift, and I couldn't have been more happy.

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