Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A problem that I have had

I've been semi-avoiding the internet again, I suck. I have been sick, cold (Artic weather in Colorado, how nice), and just feeling blah lately. And between 10 hour days at work in front of a computer, a digital photography class and an online math class, a smart phone, a husband with a smart phone, and no desire to leave my house in the cold weather resulting in TV or internet browsing, I am so over technology (but not run-on sentences)! I would really love to have a big tropical drink on a warm beach somewhere, but that's not happening any time soon.

So back to my 30 days of prompts. I believe I left off at "A problem that you have had." Aside from my whining listed above, I've had other problems. I have the problem of being stuck in a job that I can't stand for medical insurance (because my husband works in a "high-risk" industry). I have the problem of insufficient blood circulation so that I am chronically cold and my body parts fall asleep every 20 minutes. I also have a problem with the fact that MTV remade Skins. WTF, the originally series was amazing. Why cheapen it with crappy actors and plot changes?

But perhaps the biggest problem I have is my problem with anxiety. The kind of generalized anxiety that at best is in the back of my mind at all times. A lot of people don't understand, including my husband. He tries to be supportive, but after a while hearing that I don't have any reason to worry stops being effective. I'm not really a fan of medication so that is not an option right now, and while exercise helps, it doesn't take these bad feelings away. I'm am just so tired of feeling consumed by worry. And I am happy. I genuinely like my life. But yet, the worries come.

My strategy lately has been to avoid stressors, but that isn't helpful when I feel stressed about bills, work, or school. It's not debilitating, I manage to get by, but I still wish I could just relax just a little more often.

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