Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping and Pregnancy

I really dislike about half of my wardrobe. And I know that I have no one to blame but myself, but it is a result of the following combination: Having a crappy cubicle-type (no actual cubicles since we are a renewable energy company) that means that no one important really sees me yet I can't wear what I want either, having a hard time finding clothes that fit my thin-ish yet curvy and long-torso body, and simply finding clothes that I like in my price range. My husband constantly gives me the go-ahead to spend as much as I need to find things, but that is my problem - finding them. So of course now that I am in early pregnancy limbo, I am finding tons of cute clothes that I think would work well on me.

I tend to lean towards vintage-inspired clothing (I say inspired because I have a devil of a time finding actual vintage that fits my body), especially the in rockabilly/mod/California casual vein. I am an equal opportunity shopper, shopping at thrift/vintage/eBay stores, Target and all the way up to more high end stores. Yesterday Rob and I stopped at the Park Meadows Mall on the way to his parents house and had the first "successful" trip to a mall in a long time. Well, so to speak, since I didn't buy anything. But I could have, and that my friends, is a success in my mind.

I saw some cute stuff at J Crew, Anthropologie, and Guess and unfortunately none of it seemed like a good idea to buy with an expanding waistline on the horizon. Managing my feelings about that is a whole separate issue, but I almost wish I would just hurry up and get big so I have an idea of what I will be able to wear over the next 6 months. Even though on one hand I have a feeling it will be torture to be pregnant during the Colorado summer, I am thinking that at least I will be able to wear a lot of sundresses and sandals and I can just skip the whole trying to find pants and shirts that fit thing.

This was one of my favorites at Anthro and the stretchy back panel and high waist (that is a high waist on me, trust me) almost convinced me (wishful thinking!) that I could pull it off pregnant (at least for a few more months). But then I realized that my pre-baby chest would probably be on the large size for that dress and pregnancy boobs would be down right scandalous. And I don't want to get too many cute (and fairly pricey) dresses in large sizes that won't work post baby. That is what Forever 21 is for, right? Oh well. Jeans, camis, and cardigans will have to continue to work for now.


gin said...

Have you ever shopped
They have the cutest, vintage inspired clothes; sometimes cheap, sometimes not...but it's worth a look if you haven't checked it out!

Kyle said...

You're going to be a well dressed pregnant chick, young lady! Just make sure you get lots of pictures to show your kid how awesome you were. And you're definitely right about the summer dress thing... you timed that perfectly! :)