Thursday, February 10, 2011

VLV Post

I'm trying hard not to begrudge everyone else's excitement for VLV 14. You know, because I'm not going, so how dare anyone else be excited for it this year. The outrage!

I kid. Mostly.

I am not* going for a few reasons including the following: 1. A Minnesota trip in June, 2. A desperate need to finish the landscaping at my house, and 3. Rob and I both need to save our vacation for the most awesome thing ever, coming this August.

My friend Ellen was looking through some videos on youtube last night and came across one that included a shot of her and me, so I thought I would post it here as my own tribute to VLVs past. We are at 2:20, toward the end. This was not my most spectacular outfit of the event, but I wanted to spend most of the car show taking pictures, not being in them. Kind of strange to see since the angle doesn't include hardly any of my tattoos and I am not used to looking so...plain. Anyway, this quick video brought back memories of good friends and good times.

Oh, and of sunshine. I really miss that sort of thing...

*most likely not going. Never say never, although since the hotel is already sold out it is looking less and less likely.


Kyle said...

You're saving to throw me a birthday party in August?? Awesome!! ;)

Nicole said...

Shit, I forgot you read this. ;)

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Ah, Ellen!!! I love love love her!