Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Benny is really more of a cat person

You know how people describe themselves or others as "cat people," or "dog people?" Rob and I have decided that Benny is just more of a cat person. He is stubborn and independent, likes sitting on high perches, especially in the sun, and generally has a "I'm too good for the floor." Literally.
He claimed our picnic bench as high throne last summer, but in the past few weeks, I had noticed that he had taken to standing with his hind legs on the bench and his front on the grill. In retrospect I realize that he was just making sure that the grill could support his weight, so at least mama raised a thinker. Saturday morning he decided to make his move. And behold, he accomplished his life long dream of being higher up than all the other dogs in the neighborhood. This truly was his defining moment, the apex of his existence. And best yet, there was no way that Czara would be able to fit up there with him.

Rob too was very impressed, although he did mention something about Benny ending up in the pound if he happened to break this very nice and expensive wedding present of ours. So I threatened Benny with his mortal enemy, water, and he acquiesed to his previous sitting place, the boring old picnic bench (it has a cover on it when not being used for now hopefully obvious reasons).

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Kyle said...

Mama raised a thinker... that is so awesome. :)