Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still probably not going to VLV14

I'm in a digital photography class and I am starting to realize that creativity does not ooze well on demand. I usually have no problem taking tons of photos, but I have been having a hard time completing my assignments to my satisfaction. Last week our assignment was too create a photo essay about ourselves. My topic was "Why I am not going to VLV14." Just kidding, it was about the number one topic at my house these days.

That clothespin says love on it. My home computer settings read this photo as much lighter. It is the 8 week ultrasound pics. Only another 6 weeks to go until we get to see our baby again.

Me at 13.5 weeks. As I expressed to my class, while looking at my body in the mirror multiple times a day is nothing new to me, it is the first time in the decade that I don't feel disgusted or critical of what I see. Rob is a good model in the sense that he puts up with me telling him how horrible of a model he is.
Sophie, the first purchase we made for our baby.

Again, home computer read much lighter. We are slightly worried at what impact bringing home a baby will have on the dogs, especially my little baby Czara. Probably not a good sign that she has started growling at children on tv, although she is nothing but tolerant at kids in real life.

No more beer for me :(

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Kyle said...

Okay, this is absolutely adorable... I'm so happy for you guys! And I'm glad you've come around on the 'disgusted' issue, because you shouldn't be disgusted and you're going to be all baby and it will be adorable too. :)