Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Update

I am now nearing the end of my 19th week of pregnancy, which means that I'm just about half way done. It has been pretty easy so far (minus headaches and a little sciatica), and I really hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that. I don't know how much weight I've gained (I haven't looked at my weight in almost 10 years), but I am pretty comfortable with it so far. My "bump" is still on the smaller side which has helped me stay mostly in my regular clothes (aside from pants) and while I no longer sleep completely on my stomach, I'm still small enough that I can sleep at an angle between my stomach and my side. Here are some photos from 3/26/11 and 4/3/11. As you can see, I really expanded between week 18 and 19!

I feel like I am on a decent course which makes me happy since I have been a bit more lax in my eating habits. The only place where the gain in really noticeable besides my stomach is my sides. Which I'm not exactly pleased with, but it's all the name of a good cause. See me trying to hide that in the photo above? :)

We watched The Business of Being Born last weekend and decided that we have some more research to do on the birthing process. I do like the practice that I go to now, but it still isn't ideal. They have 5 doctors on staff and at this point, I think I have met with them all. They are all basically nice and down to earth, which makes them interchangeable. The hospital the practice is associated with has a brand new birthing wing and it looks pretty nice. I still have my reservations though. I mentioned to one of the doctors that I was hoping for an unmedicated birth, and her response was for me "to keep an open mind" because I had never experienced the pain of labor. I don't doubt that it will be terrible pain, but I'm pretty disheartened that my doctor is already suggesting that my body may not be able to handle what it was designed to do. Unfortunately, Colorado is not the most midwife-friendly place to live. There is only one free standing birthing center in the state, and of course it is not in-network for my insurance. That means that I could switch to a midwife, but would still be at the mercy of hospital rules and regulations. So we are considering our options at this point. Rob has promised to be a strong advocate for me, which is great because I tend to shy away from confrontation, especially with authority figures. So we need to figure out what exactly our rights are, etc. Not that I would ever do something to jeopardize my baby, but I am suspicious about how information is presented. It seems like doctors may occasionally recommend something out of convenience and dress it up as necessity. I really want my baby and my body to be in charge. And now back to the positives. By this time next week, we should know if it's a boy or a girl. We are so excited to have a chance to look at our baby again so I'm sure this week will drag on. I may get lucky, though, since this weekend is my birthday and being the spoiled kid I am, all weekend long is dedicated to me! I get a little anxiety before a doctor's appointment, especially because everything seems too good to be true. Just the other day Rob said that this pregnancy made him think that maybe not everything in life has to be a struggle (okay, so we know we are super privileged middle-class Americans but struggles are all relative). I hope that is the case.


Carly Anne said...

"It seems like doctors may occasionally recommend something out of convenience and dress it up as necessity." Wow did you hit the nail on the head with that statement. It's crappy that having a baby the way your body was created to have it is such a struggle. The hubs and I are planning to start TTC next winter and I don't look forward to the mounds of meetings and research required to negotiate the best way to have our child. Sigh.

On a positive note, you look phenomenal.


All This Grace and Charm

Nicole said...

Thanks for saying so, Carly!

It is overwhelming how much information there is to sort through, and I spent a lot of energy on researching things beforehand, to the point where I was burnt out by the time I actually got pregnant. Although I am starting to realize that there is no stopping it now, so I better get back to reading and planning!