Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday I turned 26. I have a hard time with birthdays, I don't know why. I tend to get emotional and reflective. This birthday was actually easier than some in the past, with only one minor emotional outburst that I attribute to being overtired.

Anyway, since I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a Saturday, I basically stretched my day into a weekend. And with that came the opportunity for me to eat four different birthday desserts in 3 days. I am a lucky pregnant lady.

Friday afternoon my boss had a little cake celebration for all of us in the department who had March/April birthdays. He and I actually share April 9 as our birthday. Cake #1 was German Chocolate.

Friday night Rob and I headed over to his parents' house for a nice dinner and some lemon cake. I love lemon cake. His parents also gave me a spa gift certificate, which is unbelievably thoughtful. Spa day are the kind of thing I think about often, but very rarely actually do.

Saturday morning Rob gave me the gifts he had picked out for me, including some awesome sun glasses, Lungs, a white noise machine stuffed animal for the little buddy, and my weight in Easter candy. He also gave the promise that I can buy the diaper bag I have wanted since before I found out I was pregnant.
We braved the hour wait at Snooze and had a delicious brunch, then we met my family at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for The Real Pirates Exhibit. I love pirates and it was a very neat opportunity to look at artifacts that "real" pirate owned and used nearly 300 years ago. The crowd was large and rude, as to be expected, but overall it was a really good time.

We stopped at Steve's Snapping Dogs for dinner, then headed over to my parents for Red Velvet Cake and wii. My family got me some awesome gifts, including a web cab (mostly so I can show off the baby), some giraffe-themed baby items (entirely for the baby), and even a few things for me. ;) I really needed a bundt cake pan (well, as much as a person can need one), and my brother always find the most creative and random gifts. This time it was a cute decorative washboard and some vintage comic books.

Sunday was more low-key, with us taking the dogs on their weekly adventure (we like to take the dogs out on the town on Sunday mornings when we can), then going home and napping. My best friend Kyle and two of her brothers stopped by for a while, bearing cake batter pie (delicious) and some sweet gifts.

Oh, I even won a giveaway this weekend! Thanks Windshield Diaries and Shabby Apple!

Needless to say, it was quite the enjoyable weekend. Even with my midnight tears on Saturday, a dog vomit episode, and the mysterious case toilet overflow.

Oh and I also passed the 20 week mark - my pregnancy is now officially in the second half. And of course the best birthday present yet is still to come... We get another ultrasound this coming Wednesday.


gin said...

You look absolutely stunning!

Nicole said...

Thanks Gin!

Carly Anne said...

I hear you re: birthday anxiety - it happens to the best of us.

And, that diaper bag is so excellent. You can use it as a gym or work bag as the babe grows and no one would be the wiser!


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