Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter weekend was fun, despite being cold and gloomy. On Saturday Rob and I grabbed breakfast in Denver (one of our favorite weekend rituals that we know will most likely end in a few months) and he showed me his new shop. That afternoon I helped my mom cook for the following day, and that evening I got it in my head that I wanted to see Water for Elephants so I spent about 6 hours reading the entire book (which I loved).

Sunday we ate and it was delicious as expected. After my parents' house, Rob and I saw Water for Elephants and despite the fact that the book is a million times better, I enjoyed the movie. Rob liked it too, which is not surprising given his love for period movies. He loves The Notebook too. True Story.

Here are some pictures from this weekend.

A few shots of me at 22 weeks. Rob has been taking these photos every weekend and this week is my favorite so far. I am definitely getting a bigger belly by the day, and yay! hips and face to go with it. ;)

The food we made and ate:

Pizza piena- pizza-type dough with provolone, basket cheese, prosciutto, capicola, eggs, and locatelli.

Pizza dolce - a ricotta/lemon/lime cheesecake type pie. And the lard was actually for the pizza piena, not the pie.

These are truly some of my all-time favorite foods ever. Last meal worthy for sure.

And of course, the family.

Good weekend all around.


Carly Anne said...

You're looking great! And, that food...Wow.


All This Grace and Charm

Tara said...

You look fabulous! You make pregnancy look so stylish, especially with your beautiful body art! That food looks delicious too!