Thursday, April 14, 2011

The end of an era

Today marks a sad day: the end of my carpool with Rob. Up until this week, Rob worked at a large Toyota Dealorship that was about half a mile from NREL. But he is leaving the cut throat dealorship world for greener pastures (literally!). And while I think this new will be awesome on so many reasons, I am going to really miss driving to and from work with him, and I will especially miss meeting him for lunch. He was the only thing that kept sane so many days, and the chance to escape my semi-cubicle for an hour was a welcome respite. Since the parking for NREL is a mile away from the building (seriously, we have to shuttle in) this will probably be the end to me leaving for lunch, period. But on the other hand, I am so proud and happy that he will be working in a more positive and friendly environment, and he will able to put his skills toward a progressive company rather than line the pockets of already-rich-enough jerks (automotive techs really don't get enough recognition in the industry, either metaphorically or through compensation). It will be a great opportunity for him to get into a company on the ground floor, and all indications point to the Green Garage really taking off big time. So anyway, sad for me, happy for my awesome husband.


Ellen said...

OH MY GAWD!!! I am a horrible friend!! I almost totally forgot you had a blog!! i'm going to read all of what i have been missing now that i have time off from school! love and miss you!!!

Nicole said...

Hi Ellen! Don't worry, I very rarely say anything worthwhile on my blog, lol!