Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

I used to think I had a disorder where a compulsion to write things down over took my life. I carry several note books with me and have random lists and paragraphs and snippets strewn across everything I own. I have half started blog entries and word documents galore. I'm so worried about forgetting. So in an effort to combat that, I am just going to list some stuff here when then the mood strikes. Even if it is in the middle of writing a work-related communication for my out-of-commission boss (broken wrist). So, anchors away:

  • No stretch marks, but I do have a very faint linea nigra. It's exciting for some reason.

  • We bought plane tickets to Minnesota in June. That will be fun as long as I get to go swimming and buy delicious treats at Trader Joes. Yes, I will admit that I make it a point to visit one every freaking chance I get. Vegas, Disneyland, every where I can.

  • I long ago gave up the idea of completing a degree and have amassed a ridiculous amount of credits from various schools and various disciplines. I should graduate. I really should, but I just don't care to. I'm still taking classes mind you, I just don't care to wrap it up according to some bullshit plan. What is wrong with me.

  • I'm taking photography classes now. Next I think I may add a writing class into the mix. I like writing, but I don't have the patience to really love it. I much prefer editing. Not that you could tell either about me from this blog. That is because I have no patience to read what I have written. It's like how most people hate to hear their own voice. I hate that in both the aural and written capacities. Which is also why my blog is boring. I have shit to say, I just hate worrying about how to say and who to say it to. Hence all my half abandoned essays.

  • I saw a quote the other day, something to the effect that one day I will publish a book of all the photos I didn't take, and it will be a smash hit. Life is funny like that.

  • Names are becoming an issue. Our last name is really messing this up. Every name I always thought I would like for a child sound wrong, wrong, wrong paired with Organ. Rex Organ? Cash Organ? Violette or Olive, or any other cute name that happens to be an adjective or noun is out. And I seem to be drawn toward names that end in a "n" sound like June, Rowan, and Reagan which sound bad with a last name that also ends that way. So Rob and I have found a girl's name we like (and a few back ups that we are "meh" about) but it is a little sad that no one seems to like them that much. Not that anyone else's opinion really matters, but what if the little baby happens to agree that we suck at picking names? Just because I see a name as cute and quirky doesn't mean my baby won't think that it is stodgy or dumb or a number of things. It's a big decision for sure.


gin said...

Hee hee; I remember my linea nigra. It goes away, don't worry.
I've always wanted to go to a Trader Joes but never have yet.
Question for ya:
I have two CDs I borrowed from Julie before she died; they have her name on them and don't work anymore (they've been well loved over the years). They have just been sitting in my CD book for years and I'd like to do something to display them. Any ideas on how to display the CDs as an homage to her?

Nicole said...

Hm, that's a good question. I have a t-shirt of hers that I wanted to something with but never could decide what either. With the cd's you could always do a shadow box display, but that is pretty predicatable.

I'll keep my eyes out and let you know if I come across any good ideas. Can you believe that it has been so long?

Carly Anne said...

My husband and I came up with the name "Estelle Jade" for our (hopefully) future little girl. mother just hates it. Does make you think twice, doesn't it? Sigh.


All This Grace and Charm

Nicole said...

@Carly, I think that is an adorable name! Stella was actually on the list of names that my husband I liked, but got a cool reception. It's hard when you see the potential in a name and others just don't get it. After talking to a few people I feel better about my decision. We really like the name Nora and I think we are going to stick with it regardless of what people think. Luckily our close family and friends seem to like it, it's the random people in the world who give me a strange look. Can't please them all! Although we are now leaning toward Eleanor as the full name so if she hates Nora she can go by Ellie or Ella. Estelle is that way too... multiple nickname offerings!

Monica said...

Nicole, you might really want to consider looking into the Individualized Degree Program at Metro,
I was basically in the same situation you find yourself in, ample credits from all array of concentrations, with nothing tangible in their stead. With this degree, if you can rationalize it (which having been in college as long as you and I have been, you learn the cardinal rule of bs-ing therefore you can rationalize anything)
-you can combine them into a degree that has validity and value for what you want to do. If you have any questions after reviewing the website, I would be happy to help you, or send you a copy of my rationale so you can see what they require in order to approve a degree proposal. Definitely wouldn't hurt to look into it, and you can most likely get credit for prior learning experience on top of your current repertoire of credits. Hope that is edifying and remember, you are most definitely not alone!

Nicole said...

Thanks Monica, I will keep that in mind. I'm in no hurry right now since I make more than the average college grad right now, but I know I will experience compression in the future so I have to have a plan at some point. It just seems so painful to pay for something that I don't want (the degree or the career). Rob and I are working towards a point where maybe I can change industries, and so maybe I can get the degree I want after all.

Monica said...

I totally understand, I was thinking that might be a means to an end where you can do the least amount of work possible and spend the least amount of money in the process. (At least it was for me.)

A reality I'm coming to terms with myself is that having a degree doesn't necessarily translate to marketability...
So that speaks for itself.... :/