Friday, May 13, 2011

24 Weeks

24 weeks has brought a little more realization that I am indeed carrying something in abdomen. It is getting a little more difficult bending down and I can't pop up out of my seat quite like I used too. And my feet have looked suspiciously swollen on two occasions in the past week. I'm still feeling great though, so no complaints. I feel the baby moving around all the time now and Rob loves to lay his ear up to my stomach to hear and feel all the little movements. On a couple occasions he has been able to tap on my abdomen in a certain spot and seconds later, a little kick. It may just be coincidence, but it feels like interaction and bonding to us. :)

I had my well check this Wednesday, which confirmed that the baby is absolutely fine after last week's accident. I was given my glucola for my next appointment, which means I am almost to the third trimester! Realizing how few weekends are left (and even fewer paychecks) is a really sobering and exciting realization. I'm feeling less than positive about the actual birth at this point, which is a disappointment. The doctor this week basically answered all of my questions about birth and labor the way I figured she would (do I have to have an IV? Yes. Can I birth in any position I want? Nope, you need to be the position most comfortable for the doctor), and we spent more time talking about her Audi than my labor options (Rob was wearing his work uniform). I have been reading Birth Matters, so I was pretty prepared for the average medical professional speech, but I've actually gotten angrier over the last few days. It is so disheartening that I feel like I have to approach my child's birth on the defense rather than in a supportive environment. I have been debating switching to a midwife, but there is only one that takes my insurance and delivers at the hospital closest to my house. I don't know if the rules are the same regardless of who delivers, so really my next step is to take the hospital tour and ask my questions again. I am trying to keep in mind that the hospital cannot tell me what to do really, and if I feel like birthing on all fours or standing up how are they going to stop me? Tie me down? Don't think so.

But feeling that way is already upsetting. I want to be calm, I want to be relaxed, and I want to be focused on my body. Not worried that I will have to put up a fight just to be treated decently. I read all of these accounts of home births or birth center births and even the worst story sounds so much better than some of the best hospital stories I have been told. But as I have mentioned before, Colorado is not midwife friendly and I do want to have a medical team nearby in case of an emergency, so I most likely will stay with my practice. Rob has promised to be my advocate and we have agreed that if this experience is not what we wanted, we will explore other options in the future. I just wished there were more options.

On to cuter news, here are a few shots of some things I have been working on for the baby. Hopefully we will be painting sometime in the next two weeks, so that will be nice to have out of the way. Rob and I both love the summer and want to get as much around the house stuff done before July 4 (Rob's birthday!) so that we can enjoy the last few months baby-free as much as possible.


gin said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Nicole! You look stunning as a pregnant gal and I love the projects you're working on for the nursery!

Nicole said...

Thanks. And thanks for ignoring all the misspellings. I so didn't mean to publish that yet!