Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad, bad morning

So I wanted to write about my little 1950's house and the drama it put us through this weekend, but instead I am going to complain about my morning... I have the day off and had several errands to run including getting our Tacoma an emmision test so that I could renew our tags, which expired in March. Rob was going to get the test taken care of but never got around to it so here we are, three days past our grace period. I also needed to drop off Rob's (brand new) glasses for repair because last week a screw driver popped up while he was doing something at work and scratched the lens. Thankfully he was wearing them, since otherwise it would have been his eye, although safety glasses would have solved that problem. And then I had some fun phone calls planned, including one to figure out why my medical insurance company didn't consider my 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound "medically necessary." And so denied the claim to the tune of $600. But first I thought I would read a few blogs, catch up on email, etc. A little after 9 am, I heard a pop and the next thing I knew, the power was out. I tried calling Rob to see what I should do, wait it out or call the power company. Since I couldn't get ahold of him I decided to just run the errands and deal with the power the later. I realized that I couldn't find the renewal paper work so elected to drop off the glasses first, and I off I went.

Then I got in my first ever car accident. At 5 months pregnant. So that was fun. Not my fault, but I didn't know what to do so we didn't call the police, I have no witnesses, and of course, my registration is out of date. And I still couldn't get a hold of Rob. It was a pretty clear cut case of a Hummer trying to change lanes without checking to see if someone else was there first, so really no way it could be my fault, but I am pissed that no one else saw it. The guy was nice enough and thankfully I wasn't hurt (neither was he, but he was in a Hummer and I was in a tiny truck that sits lower to the ground than the average car does so I wasn't worried about him). He basically side-swiped my drivers side causing a fair amount of body damage. But at least the car is drivable and I (and the baby) are fine. Now I just have to add an accident report and a car insurance claim to my oh-so-fun afternoon docket. Yay.


Lenora Le Noire said...

So sorry to hear about your accident I hope everything is okay!

On a side note...is this by chance the lovely Nicole and Rob Eddie and I (Two sassy Canadians!) met last year at the Neon Boneyard? I hope so! We've been searchign the net for you all year, Ellen ran into me at Viva, I was overjoyed!

Congrats on the pregnancy! You look beautiful!

Nicole said...

Hello! Yep, that's us! I'm excited that you found me. Are you on facebook? Ellen mentioned that she saw you again!

Tara said...

I hope you are ok! That sounds scary!

I was in a minor fender bender or in my case, a bump, about 6 years ago. I bumped a parked car in a space that was parked crooked. The guy was over the line so his car was sticking out a bit into the next space. I bumped his tire with mine and he acted like I rammed his car at full speed. There was no damage but he insisted that I "affected his steering." I wanted to bust out laughing. I, too, had no witnesses. The guy and his wife tried to claim I damaged their paint job but my insurance company took care of it and basically told them to take a hike.

Anyway, I hope all is well!

Nicole said...

Thanks Tara, and yes, all is well. Turns out the other driver is a Denver cop, who is really looking to avoid a police report and just go through insurance. We agreed, provided we had no problems getting our claim taken care of. So we shall see how that goes...