Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a really good weekend. I had 4 days off from work, and while I didn't accomplish most of what I had planned to do, it was still very productive. We went to a baseball game, did some baby shower planning, got the nursery painted, ate at a delicious Brazilian steakhouse and hung out in both Denver and Boulder. The weather wasn't great, but it stayed dry so I can't even complain too much about that.

I have a lot of pictures to go through, including my week 26 and week 27 pregnancy pictures. I am huge, no mistaking that baby bump now! And it is insane to think the baby could be here in as little as 10 weeks (well, safely). I am so grateful for my continued mobility. Even if it gets bad in the third trimester, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I also want to say that I am so lucky to have Rob. He is so excited to be a daddy. He keeps saying that he is not at all nervous, that he just knows that everything is going to work out. He is also a great husband and my best friend. I love how whenever we are in a crowd, I don't have to look down, I just know that his hand will be there to grab mine. And I love he always positions me so that he stands closest to the street when we are walking. And that it is a given that he will open a door for me. I feeling particularly lucky today, since we were able to spend so much time together this weekend. He works a lot, and he was lucky enough to have had a 3-day weekend this time around. I was out and about much of this weekend and he was stuck doing some things around the house, so it wasn't like non-stop togetherness, but it was nice not heaving the threat of gainful employment dangling over our heads at night. I think I stayed up past midnight twice since Friday!

Anyway, I will be back with music videos and pictures.

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Ellen said...

i love that you feel that way about Rob.. i think that's why we all get along so well. jorge is my best friend.. yes, there are days i want to kill him with a blunt object..lol.. but, i feel safe with him.. and i know everything will be ok. Love you guys!! call soon! the competition is this weekend so i'll try to call you guys before then.. or you can call us if you are free.. i know things get busy.. and we get tired from being busy.. but, we'll talk soon. lotso hugs!!