Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First of all, I would like to let everyone know about a giveaway at Life as Topher's Mama. I just made my first scentsy purchase last week, so I can attest to this stuff smelling very good.

Second, I am asking that you vote for my lovely friend Ellen in this contest. Clearly she is the most adorable in the competition!

In other news, I finished my last week of my photo class this week. It's bittersweet because although I resented like hell the long days while pregnant, it was a pretty fun class. My only complaint is that I wished I learned more. I feel like I went into the class with a style and a good eye, and my classmates tended to agree, but I wish I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone more. I created a book for my final project (Vintage Automobilia) and my teacher suggested that I continue to add my hot rod photographs to the book throughout the summer so that I have a comprehensive collection. I think I will, and I will eventually post the link for my book here. Next I am taking a computer graphics class so that I can learn to master Photoshop. Unfortunately I will have to take a break this fall because I'm guessing homework and newborns don't work so well together, but I will enjoy the break from the real world for a few months! I am so, so excited for maternity leave.

And speaking of the baby, I have my 24 week appointment this afternoon. I also have some pictures of growing bump that I need to post. I'm also moving along on some crafts and the nursery design, so I want to write a little about that this week. I bought a repro of the print below and am so excited to see how it all comes together.

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Ellen said...

Thanks for the support, my love!!! I am excited to see the baby bump and the new nursery! I LOOOVE THAT DISNEYLAND POSTER!!! soo adorable! love you!!