Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks to a visit from VP Biden, I am telecommuting today. It's nice to have a little less pressure after the week I have had... This week I was I was in the middle of an I-9 audit, dealing with a hot compensation issue, and had to meet with the top management at NREL regarding our tuition reimbursement program. Oh, and now is the time of year when all the summer interns start and I am the guardian of new hire data. So it's been real, real fun. But thanks to the lack of shuttle availability, heightened security, and the onslaught of local media, I opted to stay home and do some online training I had been putting off. And laundry! Yay!

My usual method of dealing with stress is to get pissy, so I'm sure I've been a joy to be around this week. Rob is handling it like a trooper, bringing me flowers, gummy bears, and blackberries. I may have to admit that the hormones are kicking in a little and bringing out some of the worst anxiety in me. But I will get through this too, and aside from sciatica, I'm still feeling great. Last night we put headphones on my abdomen and let the baby listen to a few songs: some Rosemary Clooney, The Who, and of course, Social Distortion. The baby was kicking up storm, so he/she either loved it or hated it!

Earlier in the night Rob and I had volunteered with my mom at a women's homeless shelter, so that was helpful in giving me perspective as well. It served to remind me that I want to raise my baby with the awareness of community. Like Gandhi said, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. No man is an island, and every little decision we make has the potential to impact someone else, for better or worse. It is our choice to remember or ignore that fact, and I try very hard to remember.

Anyway, here are some preg pics from last weekend, at 25 weeks. The dress below I won in a giveaway and I didn't quite believe the company when they advertised the dress as "runs large" so even the small fit me (I think this week was my last chance for now). Even though the picture was not from that night, the outfit is what I wore to my final photography review. Everyone called me "adorable." That is a perk of pregnancy, never before have I gained weight and got more compliments out of the deal!


Ellen said...

oh my gosh!!! you are adorable!! you are really beautiful, Nicole!!! you look great and i am really sad that i am missing out on your pregnancy but, very happy that i get to visit with you through your blog. We miss you guys so much!! I am really gonna be a fire under jorge's arse to get out there this summer before "Roberta" is yes, that is jorge's name for the baby.. i think i read that you are thinking of naming her Nora? Much prettier than Roberta (sorry Rob) lol.. and i would rather make the visit to really visit with you guys than a business trip.. but, if that's how it works out.. that's cool too. busy day for me cooking like crazy.. mostly prep work for marissa's first communion. i wish you guys were here. Love you!!! Have an awesome weekend!!! Tell the mister we said,'howdy partner'.. that was in my 'Woody' voice!! lol

Nicole said...

Roberta, that is hilarious! We miss you guys so much! Kyle and my mom are starting to plan my baby shower and I so badly wish that you were going to be there!

Ellen said...

WHAT?????????????? WHEN IS THE BABY SHOWER!!!??? i wanna try to be there if humanly possible!!

Nicole said...

Well, we were thinking in the second half of July... so maybe the timing could work out... That would be so amazing!