Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music videos to replace any actual content

Still very busy. Work makes me stabby but I am doing my best to not care since I'M HAVING A BABY. Very soon, in fact! I have pictures from Minnesota to go through, homework to finish, a nursery to decorate, a house to organize and clean, and a birthday dinner for to plan and shop for (Rob's birthday is the 4th of July). Instead of being productive at home this weekend, I hung out with Kyle and my mom on Saturday, then had dinner with another couple and spent Sunday at the public pool. Now I'm playing catch up, so enjoy a few music videos until I can get my act together enough to post something of real value.

How can you not love this song?

This is my new mantra. If I were to get my knuckles tattooed (which I'm not, at least not in the foreseeable future), I'd get "someday."

King of surf guitar

North-Side gal. I can't believe how hard it has been for me to get a hold of this (physical) album!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blogger and commenting

I've been having some trouble commenting on other blogger blogs. Sad day! I feel so guilty because there have several comments that I have wanted to leave over the last few days but couldn't. Now that I have aired my epic struggle, I feel much better. ;)

Anyone else considering switching to another platform? I feel like I don't my blog seriously enough for that really, but some days I am sure tempted.

Father's Day, a little late

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads of the world! That of course includes my own father, who has done more for me than I will ever be able to thank him for (including free tech support), my FIL, who helped shape my husband into the man he is, and of course, Rob.

Rob isn't technically a father yet, but he is in his head and heart and his enthusiasm is unwavering. I have no doubts that he will be an amazing dad. I know that mistakes will be made and that no one is perfect, but the passion and dedication that man has for his family (anyone who he considers family that is, blood or otherwise) is unmatched. I can't wait to see him holding his child for the first time. He hasn't expressed any ambivalence about this journey to parenthood (honestly, unlike me, even though I was the one who brought up children first). Once he is onboard with something, he is there 100%, no in-between.

So Happy Father's Day to you too, Rob.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is

Happiness is an intense realization that you are absolutely content with your life. Like sitting on an airplane with a man you whole-heartedly love, while he leans his head on yours and falls asleep while your unborn child stretches in your abdomen. It may not have been the most exciting moment of my life, but for just a minute, I realized that nothing in the whole world could have made me happier.

Cheesy but true. And it gets worse, because there may or may not have been happy tears involved.

I'm trying to see happiness in the little things. It's not so much then when I'm not happy I'm sad, but rather if I'm not sad, then I am happy. Glass half full type thinking, and not typically American. My life is far from sparkly unicorns and fireworks, but it makes me very, very happy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a few quick things

I'm leaving for Minnesota tonight. Work is still crazy and I feel like crying daily, although I am trying to keep in mind that I only have 10 more weeks until maternity leave!

Some things I wanted to say before I forgot...

1. Rob painted my toenails a few weeks back and again a few days ago. It's not the nicest looking job, but since I can't reach my toes and breathe at the same time, I'm not complaining. Especially because on Monday he did a base coat, two coats of color, two coats of a glitter top coat and a coat of quick dry stuff for me. All without complaining.

2.It is so strange having constant movement in my body that I have zero control over. Words can't describe the feeling. I'm still amazed that there is indeed a very tiny human in my body that will be ready to come out in just a few short months.

3. We have no boys names picked out, so it better be a girl. ;)

4. Rob and I went to see Nick 13 in concert last night. He is the singer for Tiger Army, a band that I have loved for 10 years now. Last night was just his solo work (which we loved!) and one of the funniest moments was when a fan in front called out for "FTW," an older Tiger Army song. Nick 13's response was, "There will be no F**king the world tonight." I guess that's one of those, "You had to be there stories," but it was funny at the time.

Here is me at 29 weeks. I'll be back next week with lots of pictures (car show! baseball game! lakes!).

Friday, June 10, 2011

New favorite picture

It's a little dark and probably could benefit from a modesty patch, but I love this picture. It's definitely describes pre-baby dog life. Poor little Czara is going to be heartbroken. As it is, every time I say the word "baby," she thinks we are talking about her. She looks very confused when instead of fussing over her, Rob then fusses over my stomach. Last night I said something about the baby, and she came to us from two rooms over, like "you called?"

Poor little spoiled puppy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music Time

It's been a busy week. Rob has been working a lot, there are a lot of changes and projects going on at my job, we are still trying to get ready for baby, and we are going on vacation next week! Rob was born in Colorado, but spent ages 4-16 in Minnesota. I had never been so we decided to take a mini vacation (5 days) and hit up one of the country's largest car shows at the same time. His parents will be out there at the same time, so it will be mostly a family vacation, but we did book a hotel room for a few nights so that we could have some "couple" time too. We may take one more weekend trip later this summer, but aside from that, this will be our last pre-baby trip! These pictures are from Sunday, when we headed out to The People's Fair in Denver. I'm a little bigger every day!

I also want to highly recommend three albums I bought in the past week: Codes and Keys (Rob especially has a soft spot for Death Cab), Nick 13, and Give The Drummer Some. All really fantastic albums.

And to catch up on my thirty days of songs:

A song I can dance to - Big Sandy, Jumping from 6 to 6. Love Robert!

A song from my favorite band - Don't Drag Me Down from Social Distortion. I have a very emotional reaction to this song. It's intense. I would love to get a tattoo based on this song some day.

A song (that I actually like) from a band that I normally hate - Analog by Strung Out. I guess "hate" is a little strong of a word, but Rob and I have this little disagreement about this band. He thinks they are awesome, I don't. I like my punk more gutter, he grew up on the more poppy, musically technical stuff. But out of respect to him, I will post a strung out video on my blog. Nice wife, huh? Oh, and I did go see them in concert with him last year. It wasn't terrible.

A guilty pleasure - Bruno Mars

A song that no one would expect me to like - Nympethamine, Cradle of Filth. Yes, for some reason I am oddly enthralled by COF. I don't know why, I try not to think about it too much, but I'm not usually much for the industrial/goth scene, so I think it's unexpected.

And for fun, here is a video off of the Travis Barker solo. I actually like a fair amount of hip-hop: Atmosphere, The Transplants, Brother Ali, Murs, things of that ilk. So it shouldn't be surprising that I love this album. I do have to admit that I was a little surprised at some of the lyrics because I don't often listen to artists like Snoop Dog or Lil Wayne. So this one of our many cds that probably not played around the baby. But tell me that this song isn't catchy...

Oh, and one more... A third song about Highway 101 that Rob and I love (Besides Highway 101 and El Camino Real). Don't tell anyone, but Rob shed a little tear when he first heard this song.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent Preg Pics

Baby is kicking a lot these days. I'm still feeling good. My bump is more noticable everyday, but in some clothes I still just look chubby. Nearly everyday I get a "I didn't even realize you are pregnant!" And then people go on to estimate that I must be about 4 months along. Nope, starting my third trimester in a few days! I have to thank my exceedingly long torso for that. I've been having baby dreams almost every night. Mostly good, but last night I had one that focused on cleaning that left me feeling very panicked. Must be that nesting instinct starting to kick in. I am normally pretty type A about housework and organization, so my husband is hating life right about now. I'm starting to feel like I will never be ready, which is a 180 from my previous attitude of "9months is sooo long to have to wait!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Highchair Giveaway at Sometimes Sweet!

I want this. badly. My MIL and I were at Babies R Us on Sunday and we were discussing how ugly most modern high chairs are... this is not ugly!

So anyone in the market for a highchair should check this out!