Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is

Happiness is an intense realization that you are absolutely content with your life. Like sitting on an airplane with a man you whole-heartedly love, while he leans his head on yours and falls asleep while your unborn child stretches in your abdomen. It may not have been the most exciting moment of my life, but for just a minute, I realized that nothing in the whole world could have made me happier.

Cheesy but true. And it gets worse, because there may or may not have been happy tears involved.

I'm trying to see happiness in the little things. It's not so much then when I'm not happy I'm sad, but rather if I'm not sad, then I am happy. Glass half full type thinking, and not typically American. My life is far from sparkly unicorns and fireworks, but it makes me very, very happy.


gin said...

Sweet post. I am so glad you're happy; it's those little things that make me happy too.

Carly Anne said...

Those are the moments, cheesy or not, that you've got to hold onto. They're what getcha through the not-so-happy moments.

I'm looking forward to such times with the Mister being amplified shortly when I join the ranks of the pregnant gals. Wink.

Ellen said...

I love those moments.. and you will find you will have more and more of them, the fuller your life gets.. as you get older and wiser, and appreciate things you didn't know you could.. as your child grows up and says adorable things like, "mommy, look! i drew me and daddy skateboarding!!" lol.. and many other precious MOMents! It was great talking to you guys last night! We miss you very much!! Love you ooodles! Have a glorious(tolerable) day!