Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent Preg Pics

Baby is kicking a lot these days. I'm still feeling good. My bump is more noticable everyday, but in some clothes I still just look chubby. Nearly everyday I get a "I didn't even realize you are pregnant!" And then people go on to estimate that I must be about 4 months along. Nope, starting my third trimester in a few days! I have to thank my exceedingly long torso for that. I've been having baby dreams almost every night. Mostly good, but last night I had one that focused on cleaning that left me feeling very panicked. Must be that nesting instinct starting to kick in. I am normally pretty type A about housework and organization, so my husband is hating life right about now. I'm starting to feel like I will never be ready, which is a 180 from my previous attitude of "9months is sooo long to have to wait!"

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Carly Anne said...

You're looking fabulous!

I hear that a lot of women are "smaller" with their first child...