Tuesday, July 19, 2011

34 Weeks

I am now in my 35th week of pregnancy and besides the fact that I can't bend down, I'm still doing pretty well. My house isn't "bring a newborn home" clean since it's too far out to do that, and my nursery isn't completed because IKEA doesn't open until next week, and we don't have a car seat or stroller or really any of the requisite gear because we are waiting until after the baby shower (Saturday!). Basically we are in limbo. Chillin' and waiting for the baby. It's been good though, since we are taking the time to do things like nap freely and drive aimlessly in the mountains.

We had our hospital tour a few Saturdays ago, which put me at ease. The hospital's policy is basically whatever the patient and the doctor agree on. Hundreds of visitors in and out of the labor? Cool, if that is what you want. Prefer the nurses make up something about strictly enforced visitor hours? OK, no problem. And there is a big jetted tub in every bathroom for labor, plus squat bars, birthing balls, wireless fetal monitors, free valet parking, and free room service for mom (and a small fee if anyone else wants room service). The hospital believes in bonding right away and not only places the baby on you immediately (when possible, of course), but they try to keep the baby in the room with mom as much as they can (most tests are even done bedside). In the event the baby needs to go to the NICU, there are beds in each room so the mom's can stay with the baby (I guess that is fairly rare). I still have zero relationship with any of the 4 doctors that might potentially deliver my baby, but between the hospital and Rob's promise of being a strong advocate, I am pretty calm and comfortable about the situation.

I am actually more calm about everything than I imagined I would be. Maybe it's denial or maybe it is just that I really don't have to be high-stung about every little detail in my life. I want to enjoy my baby and I think somewhere along the way it struck me that the more I try to control things the more unhappy I am bound to be. I still have my moments, but overall, I'm doing well.

Rob is beyond excited. Everyday he asks me about "his baby." He listens to him/her move and tells the baby secrets. Seriously, he whispers so that I can't hear. And he has already mastered the art of using the child as a manipulation tool... Sunday he told me that he and the baby has talked it over, and it was time for a nap. Rob knew that I wasn't in the mood to nap, but how can I say no when he tells me that the baby and him both want one? So we napped. I stayed mostly awake, thinking about how happy and lucky I was to have Rob and this baby on the way.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. I'm on target for size so even though I am annoyed with the weight that accumulated all across my body, I am glad to hear that the baby is perfectly on track. Still no stretch marks so I have to be thankful for that small miracle.


Carly Anne said...

You look good, lady. Of course, I'm sure I will also be hyper-critical of myself when I get pregnant.

Also, that not worrying about control thing is going to work in your favor. In birthing, I am sure, and life in general.

gin said...

The hospital sounds amazing. I want to go to there...if we ever get pregnant again, I am totally going to try for a water birth.
You look beautiful; these next few weeks are going to fly by!