Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monsoon Season

The Monsoon Season has hit Colorado. Rain, and lots of it for the past week. I like rain well enough, but I hate that the rainy season cooincides with only time of the year that I actually fully enjoy living in Colorado - the summer. I hate being cold and I love tank tops, snow cones, and swimming, so the rain is really starting to get to me.

Not to mention that last night it came with the worst lightening storm I had ever seen. The news reported 9,000 strikes of lightening in one hour in the Denver Metro Area. It was like a strobe light from 9pm-10pm. The dogs were freaking out, I was freaking out (we have some big trees in our yard), and then once I told Rob I was having frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, he started freaking out too. Needless to say, we are all exhausted this morning. But on the bright side, our grass looks really green!


Ellen said...

lol.. poor Organ family :( it sounds like it was pretty scary but, the way you tell it sounds funny! because you are such an amazing writer. jorge's work schedule at the Disney store is so whack!! i almost never know when he's working, which, as i have probably mentioned before, makes it impossible to plan things. i know he is off this friday and saturday so we'll try to give you kids a buzz then! love you!

Carly Anne said...

We've had some bizarro storms this season as well. Out of the norm for summer. Hopefully the world isn't ending. Not that I'm paranoid.

Nicole said...

I'm getting the sense that my dogs are thinking something along the same lines...apocalypse!

The worst is that these storms seem to hit the hardest when Rob and I happen to not be home, so I'm sure the dogs now absolutely view as harbingers of death.

Sandra said...

Ya, I'm not a fan of thunderstorms either. Hope the braxton hicks have subsided.
...oh, gotta go to your next post, I see the makings for s'mores!