Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Update

No baby yet. Or rather no baby outside of my body yet. I think I am making it the full 40 weeks (my due date is 8/29). Sigh. At least I have had an easy pregnancy...

We still don't know if the little baby is a boy or a girl, still don't have a boy's name picked out, and of course have no clue what the kid looks like. That part is really fun to imagine.

Since I have hazel eyes and Rob's are blue, our child should end up with either green or blue eyes. Red hair runs in both of our families (obviously a little stronger in my case), so we could likely have a little redhead. I think that would be amazing, especially if we end up with a little girl. Rob started out as a towhead but his hair gradually faded to brown over the years, so anything is possible there. Below are the younger versions of us. I can't wait to see what traits the baby gets from each of us! Going through both of our baby pictures, I think it is a safe assumption that the kid will have Marlon Brando-type jowels. Good thing that is a cute look on a baby!


Carly Anne said...

I was wondering to myself today if you had a baby on the outside yet.

I am totally hoping that at least one of our kids gets my red hair... Red headed kids are the cutest.

O. said...

I can't wait to see your baby, how exciting