Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

I am feeling sorry for myself today. I'm hoping to snap out of it later, but for now I am just wallowing in it.

My fish died some time last night. He was looking a little sick, and my husband reassured me that no, there would be nothing a vet would do for a sick beta fish. I cried last night and again this morning. Thankfully Rob took care of everything so I didn't have to see him like that. A little silly of me perhaps, but I really loved Mortimer. He always seemed so happy to see us and he was such a pretty little guy. I'm not sure what happened, but we are fairly sure that it was nothing that we did, which makes me feel a little better.

It didn't help that we had some behavioral issues with our dogs this weekend. I guess they didn't get the memo that now is NOT the time to be causing problems.

Also, still no baby. Which means yes, still working. And the rest of my family is doing their annual quasi-family reunion in California this week. I should be laying by the pool right now. Or laying in the hospital with a baby in my arms. At this point, I would take either happily.

Oh, and Rob woke up in the middle of the night last night because a spider crawled across him. So of course I didn't sleep at all after that. Just because the spider in question had been killed didn't mean that his entire family wasn't just under the bed, plotting a retaliation attack.

A few bright spots in my mood: I bought Adobe Creative Suite, so I can finally learn photoshop, I won an a giveaway this weekend, and my best friend Kyle has had some fun baby shopping at Elvis Week. Now if I could just produce the baby I would gladly get over myself...


Carly Anne said...

Um, I would probably die if a spider so much as graced the tip of my toe during the night. Ekk. And, I've had a sick pup all weekend, so I feel you re: the animal anxiety... I can only imagine how said anxiety will be with actual children! I guess you will have to report back to me on that one.

Living Vintage said...

All pregnant women are entitled to feel sorry for themselves especially that last trimester. Sorry about your fish I had a problem with losing lots of Betas a while back and I gave up on them and now we have two happy gold fish. I think it is ridiculous that women have to work outside the home the last few weeks of pregnancy I know I did it with both mine and even drove myself from work to the delivery room with my last one. I think 36 weeks then we should get a paid vacation that doesn't affect how much time we can spend home with the baby either and that should be sixth months paid.

Nicole said...

@Carly Anne: I can't imagine how it will feel to deal with a sick baby. I'm not good in those situations. Our younger dog had surgery last year and she spent the first night sleeping our bed. The only thing that kept her from crying was me stroking her head whenever she woke up. I basically got no sleep all night and Rob had to move out to the couch because Czara kept waking up and crying. I guess I will have to toughen up as a mom because I've heard that if you act scared, they will pick up on it.I'll have to let you know how that goes.

@Living Vintage: Glad to hear that I'm not the only pregnant woman playing the sorry for myself card! It is hard knowing that some countries do provide much, much more time off (before and after) for new moms. Here it feels like pregnant women and new babies aren't valued - it is just something you have to get through and then get back to work. Sad.