Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I used to think that I was getting wiser and more patient in my old age as a function of just growing up. This afternoon the truth hit me - it is all about my job. I think the main requirement of working in the low end of high tech is to be patient.

Meetings that accomplish nothing? Check.

Long conversations with bullheaded IT techs? Yep.

Poorly designed databases and technical difficulties at precisely the wrong times? Oh yeah.

Explaining things so many times over that you know the question that is going to be asked by the look in their eye? You know it, baby.

Remaining calm and pleasant even when dealing with people who have double your salary and half your understanding of the systems? Down pat.

It's definitely the job. Hopefully that will transfer over to parenting, because lord knows if I can stay calm under my working conditions, there is no excuse for me to ever lose my cool again.

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