Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Colors

As much as I claim to hate the weather in Colorado, I actually really love the fall. I prefer sunny days that are cool enough to require a sweater but not cold enough to feel, well, cold. Colorado tends to be all over the map when it comes to weather, and this autumn is no exception. We've had HOT days, COLD days, and a few pretty perfect days. A few weeks back we took a little road trip to look at the fall foliage (Colorado is well known for the color changing aspens that grow in the mountains). We were a little early, but the colors were pretty none the less.

We randomly stumbled upon a creepy old cemetery in Leadville. Leadville was a bustling mining town during the end of the nineteenth century, and many of the graves in the Evergreen cemetery date pretty far back. The cemetery isn't used much these days (except for plots owned by the Masons and the Elks) and has fallen into disrepair.  We couldn't even see the back boundary (I refused to go too far back, especially after the dogs started barking at NOTHING), but it appeared to be sunken graves in between trees for as far as the eye could see. I'd like to go back and explore some time.

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Ellen said...

ooooh scary pics of the cemetery!! but, i really enjoyed them! it was just like you described on the phone the other night. i miss you so much! i so wish you lived closer.. i can't wait to see you!