Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Post, to prove I am alive and well

1. Tomorrow it has been six weeks since Nora was born. Meaning tomorrow my disability ends, and my return to work day comes closer.
2. I am addicted to Doctor Who. This is surprising, since I generally hate science-fiction. But low budget space monsters and British humor? I can't get enough.
3. My grandmother has been here for the past week. It has been great, since I grew up with lots of family around and my biggest complaint about living in Colorado is that I don't have that support system here.
4. I miss Disneyland. 2.5 months isn't too young for a first D-land trip, is it?
5. I plan on working on a family tree in the next few weeks. I hope I can remember all the details. Mommy brain is painful real, y'all.

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