Thursday, October 27, 2011

Viva Fit Club

Oh boy. Time to talk about the most unpleasant side effect of having a baby - weight gain. I'm breastfeeding, and I have heard that helps with baby weight loss, but I don't want to leave it all to that. Plus, I always feel better when I am active and exercising, so I joined Ashley Fremont Street's Viva Fit Club. Target date for weight loss goals is 4/5/12... Viva Las Vegas 15. I doubt that Rob and I will make it VLV next year, but 6 months seemed like a good time line regardless.

My parents have a mini gym in their basement, and my sister has been trying to talk me into going to Zumba with her, so hopefully between those two options I can easily insert a little more dedicated fitness time into my schedule. Fingers crossed, 'cause I miss my size 2 jeans. Anyone else who wants to be more in shape by VLV should request to join the group!

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