Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Thankfulness

Yesterday was a pretty annoying day. I basically work in a construction zone and occasionally we are sent updates on the progress of various projects. I must have missed the one saying that the road that I walk to get from the parking lot to my building would be closed. Walking on rocks - that was fun.Good thing I chose to wear flimsy flats that were destroyed half way through my first journey between the parking lot and my building.

I say first because I ended up trekking back and forth about 4 times. You see, I had a meeting with an exec at 10am and I thought it would make more sense to walk to my car through the construction, then drive through the construction to leave campus, then drive to the building where the Science and Technology Executive Director's office is, rather than take the shuttle that ran from my buildings doorstep to his.

And of course he missed the meeting. His schedule had been rearranged at the last minute and unfortunately his admin was out so no one told me that he wouldn't make the meeting. So I drove back to my side of the campus. Before I made the 10 minute walk back to my building, I decided to put my jacket on. So I set my purse on the driver's seat and while my arms were maneuvering into the jacket sleeves, the wind came along and shut my door. My locked door.

I had a pretty angry walk back to my office. And then when I saw that my meeting had been rescheduled for that afternoon, set to end an hour before I planned on leaving, I was really irritated. Because that meant that I had to walk back to the parking lot once to have security unlock my car, then back to my office, then either take the hit to my work day and wait for the shuttle to take me across the highway for my meeting or else walk yet another time to my car, drive across campus, and then have enough time left in my day where I needed to park my car yet once again so I could sit at my desk for 45 minutes before leaving for the day (run on sentences are fun!).

Luckily Rob has Mondays off so he came by with his keys so I could unlock the door rather than wait for security to do it. And while I opted to drive to the afternoon meeting, upon my return I parked in the visitor's parking right next to the building. It still sucked, to be frank, but it could have been much worse.

So today I am choosing to be thankful that I have a job. A good, steady job with good health insurance at a company that is doing good work (even if I'm just support staff, it still counts). I am lucky that I am in a position to complain about having a job at a time when so many people don't have anything at all. Even on bad days, there are people with more education and more experience who would do my job, probably for less money. Because that is just how bad the economy is. And while that doesn't change the fact that I often have problems with how things are going at my work, I do need to keep that perspective in mind. So I am thankful.

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