Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Obviously the thing that I am most greatful about this year is my healthy and beautiful daughter. My pregnancy was great, my delivery went well, my daughter is so very healthy and active and smart and adorable; how could I be anything but greatful when I have her in my life?

Last night she rolled over for the first time. She did it when Rob and I were both with her, playing in her room. She will be 12 weeks on Friday, so it seems that she hit this milestone a little earlier than the average baby does. I was surprised, but not all that surprised considering she has been super active since before she was born! After she did it twice, it occured to us that we should take a of course I will have to show that off later this week.

She has also been unbelievably chatty lately. She just laughs, squeals, and coos away, even inflecting her voice while she has these adorably non-sensical conversations. I can't say enough how thankful I am to be a mother, and especially to be her mother.

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