Monday, April 23, 2012

Eleanor Jean, almost 8 months

 I keep a baby book, but I want to record more than just her stats, so I really want to start using this blog to remind myself of the small moments.  Like the time she met our little friend Mila, who is 4. Mila introduced Nora to another family friend by rubbing the back of Nora's head and saying "it's a girl baby." Monique asked Mila "Is she your baby?" and Mila replied with a smile, "She's everyone's baby."

And it's true. She is my baby (well, mine and Rob's), but she has a whole group of loving and supporting friends and family members who consider her their baby as well - and I couldn't be more happy.

She's crawling, babbling, and pretty much charming everyone she comes in contact with. Nora is a really sweet, generally happy child. She loves being out in public and gives big smiles to almost everyone who takes the time to stop and pay attention to her. A few days ago, as we were leaving a restaurant an elderly man stopped us to say that we have a movie star on our hands. She certainly is charismatic for a baby! And if she wants to get your attention, she will attempt to look you in the eye with a huge smile on her face and make noises until you look over. And if you don't, those noises just get louder and more desperate until you notice her.

And those giggles! She is not above getting cranky when she is overtired, but she is just as likely to get slap happy - which is adorable on an infant. She laughs at everything - everything. Just looking at her will send her into fit of laughter. I can tell that she has a good sense of humor already. One of her favorites is when I take her binky and put in my mouth (I bite the edge, not the nipple). She laughs so hard, and grabs it, like she knows I'm playing a joke on her. She also loves peek-a-boo, and will pull blankets up over her own head until someone starts to play along.

She loves solid foods and demands that we give her tastes of whatever we are eating. The only thing that she hasn't liked by the second try is hummus - maybe it's the texture? She has little time for her bottle during the day, much preferring to feed it to her self at her leisure so she can look around and play at the same time. I am still breastfeeding and am going to try to go the full year, especially considering I have already gone through 2 pumps and finally had to buy the expensive model model last week. I should have listened when a friend told me to just break down and buy that model in the beginning.

This post is longer than I intended it to be, and (not) surprising, I could continue on for a while yet. Once I get talking about my girl, I guess I have a hard time cutting it off. So I will just say that she is amazing, and I am smitten. Not every day is great, but they are all so worth it.


Carly Anne said...

She is just the cutest. And, props on breastfeeding for so long while working! You give me hope...

Erica Castillo of Mi Todo said...

she's adorable! and love her outfit!

Nicole said...

Thanks to you both! And Carly, it was difficult at first but after several months, it because a normal part of your day. Plus, since we co-sleep, I can't imagine actually needing to get up in the middle of the night to prepare a bottle. In that way, I almost feel like I'm taking the "lazy" way out. :)