Friday, April 27, 2012


We are doing some traveling. I'm thinking everything will be fine, but I do have some doubts.

Nora still doesn't have any teeth. We've been trying to pin her cranky days on teething for about 3 months now, but still no teeth to back up the claim. Which, really, is fine with us. We aren't excited about seeing our baby in pain, sleepless nights, fevers, and whatever else teeth may bring. But the way she has been drooling and biting (gumming?) this week, I think the time is now upon us. Which coincides with... airplane travel!

Tomorrow morning, we (girls only - Rob is sitting out this trip) will be joining my mother, my sister, and my grandmother on a trip to New Jersey. In May, Nora and my mother will be accompanying me to Boston for a week, where Rob will eventually join us for a long weekend exploring the city. Then in July, we are anticipating a pilgrimage to the home land (California). That means that Nora will have been to 5 (of course we will visit NY while in Jersey City) before she is a year old. Hopefully she likes planes. I'm worried about the teething, but what can I do?

Some of Nora's other potentially non plane-friendly behaviors include squealing at the top of her lungs (straight up high-pitched girly screams - but at least they are happy noises), grabbing everything within reach, especially hair, refusing to sit still for more than a minute at time, and the delusional belief that she can walk (seriously this kid has wanted us to support in a standing position since she was about 3 weeks old and I am not exaggerating). Lately she has taken to squirming to get down while we are holding her, then trying to let go of whoever is helping her keep her balance standing, then giving us this supremely annoyed look when it becomes clear that she, in fact, cannot walk (she thinks we are the ones holding her back). Could get interesting.

On the other hand, she is a super happy and sweet baby so I am hoping that any people sitting near us are charmed by her smiles and squeals rather than annoyed.

More on the trips when I get back. None of the three are pure vacation (family obligations, business travel, and more family obligations), but I am excited for all of them. Throw in some day trips around Colorado and plenty of pool time, and this spring and summer are shaping up to be fun times. Sharing all this with Nora is icing on the cake!

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