Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations, you have an awesome baby

Nora's impression of NYC.

This post was from early May, but I never finished it. I will post about Boston in the next week, that was a very fun trip and Nora was her usual doll self.

Time to brag about my little girl. She is such a charmer. She has a very intense, thoughtful side, and it usually takes her a few minutes to warm up to some one or some thing (she needs time to process, to figure it all out). However, once she knows what is going on, she turns on the charm like it's no one's business. She now can wave and point, and has starting making this rediculous open-mouthed surprised face (see right) which she knows makes everyone laugh. It's hilarious.

So naturally she was a main attraction while we were in NJ/NY. We took her to the nursing home where my grandmother's sister lives and Nora was the belle of the ball. Everyone flocked to her, kept asking questions about her and basically stared at her until we left. Of course that was to be expected - babies and dogs are always big hits in nursing homes. What was more surprising was how people in NYC reacted to her.

Nora used her baby flirting skills on the train from Jersey to Manhattan, smiling, squealing and waving at everyone on the (packed) train. In New York, tons of people stopped to smile and talk to her. Homeless people, teenagers, NYC cops, even trendy Manhattenites that would normally never deign to look at tourists, all stoped to see Nora. One guy in a business suit even yelled at me "Congratulations, you have an awesome baby!"

It was amazing to see how much everyone really loves a baby. I mean, I think she is awesome, but I'm her mom. I can now see how parents become immune to their children's shortcommings. It's hard to think that eveyone is just being polite when you hear how amazing your kid is on a daily basis. ;)

(cell phone) Photo Dump of NJ/NY:
Sitting at the table like a big girl.
Enjoying Dunkin' Doughnuts for the first time. That's right, we fed her sugar. My family is Italian and Nora gets a taste of pretty much EVERYTHING (obviously only baby-safe items).

One side of the building in Jersey City

Fun with GG


Foggy night

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