Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boston Photo Dump

Boston was fun! I originally had to go for some training for work, but since I didn't want to leave Nora and Rob couldn't take more than a few days off, my mom agreed to come and be my nanny. It was really fun to have some time just for us - in a new city, free to do whatever we wanted (eat, drink cocktails, swim, basically relax). Rob flew out first thing Thursday morning, and we spent Thursday afternoon through Sunday doing some serious sight seeing.

 We managed to pack a lot into a few days. We went to Cambridge (during Harvard graduation!), Gloucester, Salem, Downtown Boston, The North End, Boston Harbor all over the course of about 3 days. We saw tons of historic site too - From Paul Revere's house, the site of the Boston Massacre, a church that George Washington sat in, to Sam Adam's grave, plus many seventeenth century burial grounds, a ton of statues and historic buildings... it was a crash course in American history. We also visited the Italian part of town, the North Side, and enjoyed amazing food and pastries. And of course we had to visit the Cheers bar. We sat in Norm's spot!

 Boston is very different from California and Colorado, and it was nice to do something outside of the norm. One thing that I really loved about Boston was the ease of public transportation. I would kill to have a system like that in Denver.

I would love to go back, especially in the fall. Halloween in Salem sounds like an amazingly cheesy fun time.

Nora, as usual, was a doll. I know that this will one day end, but for now it is so nice to have an easy-going, flexible baby. We are planning our next trip (California in August), and I'm hoping our luck holds up through that trip, especially since that will be my extended family's first time meeting her.

Anyway, photo dump (cell phone only - I'm not ready to start the org/edit process on our actual photos):
In the airport, just minutes before meeting the only person in world who has failed to be charmed by Ms. Nora, aka the man sitting in the seat next to us. :)

Swim time!

Bewitched statue in Salem

Fisherman memorial in Gloucester

Fishermen Widows memorial in Gloucester.

Gloucester, where the Massachusetts Bay Fishing Company started in the 1620s.

Norm's spot!

The North Side

Tickle face

In the pool with Nana
Harvard grad ceremony

Old burying grounds

At The Bell in Hand Tavern, the oldest tavern in America

Also enjoying a drink at The Bell in Hand

Public transportation pro by now...

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