Monday, June 18, 2012

Nora Update

What a difference a month makes in the life of an infant! I now understand why moms say every month, "No, seriously, this age is my favorite!" Each stage brings new developments and new firsts. And watching her personality deveopl has been amazing. I learn something new about this little person each and every day.

This girl is truly a sweet and happy little soul. She loves to laugh and smile, loves attention, and is growing by leaps and bounds.

Things about Eleanor Jean at 9 months in no particular order:
  • She slept in the crib all night for the first time last night. She went to bed around 10 (actually fell asleep in her stroller during an evening walk at 8, woke up for about 30 minutes at 9:30, and went to bed for the night at 10) and woke up once at 3 am. She's only been sleeping in the crib consistently for about a week now, and up until last night, we brought her back into our bed when she woke up in the middle of the night. Last night I nursed her and rocked her in her room for about 10 minutes, and that was that. I loved, loved, loved co-sleeping (or bed sharing or whatever), especially while we were swaddling, but she moves like crazy in her sleep now and really needs her own space. It's been a good transition so far.
  • I'm still breastfeeding. My initial goal was 6 months, but it stills seems to be working for us, so we will continue. Because of the pumping at work thing, I doubt we will go much further than a year, but I'm proud that we've made it this far. Pumping/BF during vacation is a little annoying (since I'm not really into nursing in public and Nora has the attention span of... well, her father), so I may actually look at cutting back to night feedings only when we leave for CA. She will be about 11 months.
  • Nora crawls like a maniac and I predict will be walking within a month. She is very methodical about pulling herself up and around. My in-laws described her movements as very similar to a rock climber.
  • She chatters all day long. She knows Dada, MaMa, and NaNa. She understands quite a bit though - as evidenced by her following simple commends (Can I have that?, no, come here, etc).
  • She also knows the word "kisses" and will kiss you when you ask her (and sometimes when you don't, which is always a surprise since her kisses tend to be open mouth and full of drool). She leaned over and kissed the dog the other night, and my heart just melted.
  • She loves food of all kinds except hummus.
  • She can play "How big is Nora?" like a champ.
  • She LOVES music. It calms her, it makes her happy, it makes her dance. She is exposed to a wide variety of music including classic children's songs, punk, rockabilly, old country, hip hop, and even Broadway musicals.
  • She loves animals, especially our dog. Czara is pretty good with baby and puts up with the pulling and grabbing. Czara is a licker and we try to limit it, but occasionally she gets a little wild and Nora ends up with a dog drool bath. For the most part, they do great together.
  • Nora's eyes are still a pretty gray blue and she still has the most perfect eyelashes - long, thick, dark, and curled up at the tips.
  • instagram from our pool day
  • Her hair is a strawberry blond, some days looking more red and some days looking more blond. Guess which way I want it to go? It stands straight up, which is adorable.
  • She has times where she has a definite preference for me and had a monkey grip so that I understand clearly that she does not want to be put down or passed to anyone else. That being said, she is usually pretty great about meeting new people and letting other people hold her.
  • We finally let her watch tv and she loves Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba. Of course we never really monitored her watching TV while the adults were watching, but this month is the first time we started letting her watch kid programs. We are terrible, we know.
  • Still no teeth.
  • Doll baby
  • Did I mention that I am absolutely in love with her?


Carly Anne said...

First, she is just the cutest.

Second, can you tell me a little about the pumping at work thing? Like, how often have you had to do it to keep your supply up?

Nicole said...

@Carly Anne,

I tried to get on a pumping schedule that matched my nursing schedule at home. I nurse before and after work, so I subbed pumping for nursing during the day. Our pumping room is in high demand, so we have a spreadsheet (I work with lots of engineeers) that details who pumps when and for how long. Pretty much all of the moms started with three times a day: morning, lunchtime (ish) and afternoon. Ususally around 6 months, most of the moms dropped to two sessions a day. Since Nora is over 9 months and barely has time for a bottle these days, some days I only make one session. But since I've been nursing for so long, a missed session here or there doesn't affect my supply. When you first start out, try to stay consistant. Also, don't freak out. Some days your supply may be low for any number of reasons and it is easy to get discouraged. I can't tell you how many times I would pump for 20 minutes, only get 2 oz. and thought it meant the end of breastfeeding. But I was pretty much always able to make up for it later that day with no problems. Anyway, good luck!

Megan Stilley said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for the drop by. I actually know someone that works at the NREL lab! And yes some of my interest lie there.